Dyson - Supersonic Hair Dryer, Purple, HD03 SA/AE BK/BKNK/PU

Fast drying. No extreme heat
AED 1,574
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Brand: dyson
Color: Purple
Weight (KG): 0.659
Type: Hair Dryer
Height (CM): 24.5
Width (CM): 7.8
Depth (CM): 9.7

- Smoothing nozzle

- Engineered for different hair types

- Fast drying, no extreme heat

- Dries hair with smooth, controlled airflow, helping to create a smooth, natural finish

- Re-engineered styling concentrator

- The wider, thinner design creates a high-velocity blade of air that's perfect for styling, and because the air is focused, you can style one section at a time without disturbing the rest

- Re-engineered diffuser

- Improved diffusion helps reduce frizz and define curls and waves

- Longer prongs allow you to style more hair with greater control and reach deeper into the hair

- 28 C cold shot, to set your hair after styling

- 3 precise speed settings

High: for fast drying and styling

Medium: for regular drying

Low: for diffusing

- 4 precise heat settings

100 C fast drying and styling

80 C regular drying

60 C cooler drying and diffusing

28 C constant cold Medium for regular drying

- Magnetic styling attachments for easy fitting and rotation during styling

- The Dyson digital motor V9 - Spins up to 110,000 rpm, propelling 13 L of air up to the amplifier every second

- Air Multiplier technology - Airflow is amplified to produce a controlled, high-velocity jet of air for fast drying

- Intelligent heat control - Measures airflow temperature over 40 times to prevent extreme heat damage

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Weight (KG)0.659
TypeHair Dryer
Height (CM)24.5
Width (CM)7.8
Depth (CM)9.7

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