Web Browser Support Policy

This document defines the web browsers which Better Life website and all its online systems and tools will support. This policy applies to web browsers used of Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix, Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile for Desktop versions. Web browsers on smart phone/handheld devices such as tablets, PDAs, mobiles, and other mobile devices are also covered. The website will automatically convert according to the screen size of mobile, tablets and PDA the site has been viewed.

Supported Web Browser

  • All content must be readable and usable and all functionality must work.
  • Variation to presentation of content is based on desktop and smart phone version. The desktop version presents the desktop layout. Presentation of data is slightly different on mobiles, tablets and PDA due to its Mobile Responsive module inbuilt into the site.
  • Where CSS layout is used, the CSS must be rendered by supported web browsers, so that a fully-styled version of the page is presented to the user.
  • For Mobile Responsiveness we used HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies. The site visitor has to ensure that his device has adopted HTML 5 and CSS 3 in order to achieve the best presentation of data.
  • Variations between how pages are rendered by different web browsers are inevitable but we will always aim to provide the majority of visitors with the best experience (i.e. as close to the original design as possible).

Support Table

The table below defines the support level assigned to each Web browser:


Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox1

Google Chrome1



Smart Phone’s2



Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile

Windows, Mac, Linux & Mobile

Mac, IPhone, IPad

Windows, Mac and Linux

Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows



Latest stable version

1Supported versions of the web browsers defined above have auto update feature without any user intervention. Therefore we support the most recent non-beta version.

2 Supported versions of the web browsers are largely dictated by the usage since the OS/users are encouraged or prompted to upgrade.

Resolving Browser Issues

If you are experiencing a problem using one of the browser/platform combinations we support, please contact our IT Technical Support for assistance. If you are experiencing a problem on an unsupported browser/platform combination, the issue might be resolved by moving to a supported browser.

Download Supported Browser

Choose one of these and download the lasts for better result.